The Hunt for Bigfoot continues in the latest episode of our paranormal investigation series We Want to Believe! The second chapter in the We Want to Believe team’s three-part search for “the Hide and Seek Champion of the World” is embedded above, and you can catch up on part 1 below.

Acclaimed paranormal podcaster Shannon LeGro and renowned cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard provide some added insight into the legend of the Bigfoot in the new episode, while Jason, Shawn, and Marcus have to deal with dense forest and leaky boats during their mission to capture evidence of Bigfoot on video.

The Hunt for Bigfoot was written and directed by Jason Hewlett, who provided the following statement:

I’ve enjoyed every investigation We Want to Believe has been on, but I don’t think any of them has been this much fun to film. A long, slow drive up a mountain to the middle of nowhere, a tough trek through mud and bugs to a remote lake, and then trying not to drown while boating to the alleged spot where the wood knocks were heard. This was an absolute blast to shoot! And to have Shannon and Ken provide background on the phenomena was icing on the cake.”

Is Bigfoot out there?

Hewlett is joined on We Want to Believe by Peter Renn, Shawn Knippelberg, Sarah Jane, Brandon Knippelberg, and Marcus Flor.

We Want to Believe is Produced by Jason Hewlett, Jason Morris, and John Fallon. Berge Garabedian is Executive Producer, and the episode was Edited by Jason Morris.

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