Creature Weekend will be having its seventh annual conference at Salt Fork State Park on Oct. 26-28.

“… let me say what a fantastic time was had by those in attendance,” said Sean Forker, cryptozoology researcher and radio show host, following last year’s event. “Creature Weekend proved to be the event to be at for those who truly have a passion in cryptozoological research…”

This year’s Saturday events include:

• “What Really Happened at Roswell” — A special presentation by noted Ufologist and foremost expert on Roswell, Stanton T. Friedman. A prime rib bu?et dinner is included with this event on Friday night.

• Saturday Creature Weekend Flea Market — Vendors selling Bigfoot and UFO memorabilia to the public

• Ohio Bigfoot Hunters — an Ohio-based bigfoot research group will be discussing its latest Bigfoot encounters in Ohio

• Night Stalkers — an Ohio-based bigfoot group will present its latest audio recordings taken in Ohio

• Saturday Special Screening — the movie, “Cultured Bigfoot” by Bill and Amy Lancaster

• Bigfoot Night Hike — Sponsored by the Ohio Squatch Project to be conducted Saturday Night, after the “Cultured Bigfoot” movie screening

• Saturday Night Bon?re and Tall Tales

Saturday speakers will include:

• Bob Gimlin, the last surviving member of the party that ?lmed an alleged Sasquatch at Blu? Creek in 1967

• Stanton T. Friedman, noted ufologist will examine the events surrounding what is called the Flatwoods Monster incident in West Virginia. This will be his last public speaking appearance before retiring from the speaking circuit.

• Bruce Champagne, keynote speaker for the Australia Cryptozoologic Society this year will be discussing his latest work on Bigfoot sightings in the western states

• Amy Bue, Bigfoot Researcher will be talking about her research and collaboration with primatologists

Sunday activities will include:

• Sunday Survival Workshop and BBQ lunch — featuring one of the nation’s most celebrated survival experts, Tom Laskowski, founder of the Midwest Native Skills Institute based in Ohio

• Ohio Falconry Association — a show and tell with live birds of prey

Creature Weekend is the nation’s largest annual Cryptozoology Conference. Each year, speakers from a cross-section of the ?eld of Cryptozoology and Ufology give presentations on various extraterrestrial subjects and cryptids including Bigfoot, Yeti, Dogmen, and other creatures which defy science and the imaginational.

Discounted conference tickets are available online while they last. For more information and a complete schedule of events, visit http://www. or email or call 740-888-1313.

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