A ‘ghost’ was eerily caught on camera through the window of a 19th-century mill, a woman claims.

The unnamed witness told HullLive that she took a photo of the mysterious figure ‘haunting’ Hessle Foreshore mill at Humber Bridge Country Park, last week.

Pals have even suggested more than one spirits can be identified in the picture.

This would not be the first time she has had interactions with the paranormal, the woman explained as she believes to have had a “few experiences” with ghosts in the past.

Other people have agreed with the possibility that she may have snapped evidence of a spirit inhabiting the old mill, the photographer claims.

A woman claims she saw a ghost through a window

One person who is not as convinced however is her husband.

She said: “Visiting Country Park Hessle Foreshore and the mill seems to have a ghost in the window.

“I did take a picture on my phone shown to a few people who have all agreed.

“We were having dinner in the car. I just said to my husband [there is a] face there. He doesn’t believe it but I can see it.

The white object resembles a ghostly face, according to the witness

“Other people have said the same [and] also said, if you look closer, [you] can see more spirits in the picture.”

The industrial mill which underwent renovation as part of a £1 million heritage project launched at the end of October, was once used to crush chalk from a nearby quarry to produce whiting.

This is not the first time spooky goings-on have been reported in the country park as a woman believes to have taken a photo of a “little orphan girl looking out to sea waiting for her daddy”.

Hannah Butler, 24, captured what looks like a young dark-haired girl in a white gown beside a tree during a ghost walk in Hessle, East Yorkshire.

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