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If you’ve ever watched television shows like Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot or the Travel Channel’s Expedition Bigfoot (and I’m guiltily pleasured on both those counts) then you know that the “Squatch” hunting genre is extremely ripe for satire; as are the attention-grabbing videos of VICE and VICEland. 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Bigfoot (#1 Will Blow Your Mind) combines cryptozoology and clickbait in a mockumentary adventure that is astutely funny.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

In addition to being very VICE-like, this Video-on-Demand release was actually originally titled, “The VICE Guide to Bigfoot.” I’m not sure what happened to the title between 2019 and now (some sort of legal issue I’m sure), but VICE has been replaced in the film by the fictitious news outlet, COMPOUND.

Ambitious COMPOUND reporter, Brian Emond (played by co-writer, Brian Emond), and his producer, Zach (played by director, co-writer Zach Lamplugh), are assigned to cover a Bigfoot convention in Georgia, where they interview the colorful Appalachian Mountain locals and eventually hook-up with Jeff (Jeffrey Stephenson), AKA the “Cryptid Commander,” a YouTube star who is famous for shooting some of the most believable Sasquatch video footage ever captured.   

Jeff is hairy, hilariously unhinged, and heartbroken over losing the love of his life due to his Bigfoot obsession. The expert takes the reporter and the cameraman out into the foothills on their own field expedition and wilderness wackiness ensues.

It is best that you learn the “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Bigfoot” on your own (no spoilers here), but ensure you keep your eyes and ears open for smart, witty and sometimes subtle commentary on everything from the 2nd Amendment to John Denver to Jurassic Park.

Not unlike a real Sasquatch sighting, there is some really sharp material here for the close observer to enjoy. I don’t know where this one has been hiding since the start of the pandemic, but make sure you catch it on demand (starting May 7, 2021), it is well worth seeking out.


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