Ghost tours with Lost Paranormal El Paso are back! Our good friends Heather and Dean of Lost Paranormal El Paso are inviting the community to join them for another great ghost tour of the iconic Concordia Cemetery!

Lost El Paso Paranormal

The Concordia Cemetery Ghosts & Gravestones Tour will take place this coming Saturday, May 15. Tickets are on sale now for $20 through their event page. Space is limited as Lost Paranormal El Paso will be following social distancing guidelines- that also means that masks will be required.

For this tour, Lost Paranormal El Paso invites you to become part of their crew! Guests will join in as honorary crew members for the night on an interactive investigation unlike anything you’ve experienced before!

Ghost tours with Lost El Paso Paranormal are great! I’m so glad to see that they’ve returned with their tours! If you’ve never been to a Concordia tour with Lost El Paso Paranormal, you’re in for a treat! You’re guided by lantern-light through “El Paso’s city of the dead, as you’re introduce to the eternal residents that lie within it’s walls.” A great perk of this evening, other than the haunts? Proceeds benefit Concordia Cemetery, for maintenance and preservation.

Lost El Paso Paranormal

I’ve been to their ghost tours- and I’ve been to the ghost tour at Concordia. The evening was great! Heather from Lost El Paso Paranormal was great, she dressed the part and is an amazing story teller. You can check out more information on the Concordia Cemetery Ghosts and Gravestones tour on their event page, and to find out about possible upcoming events! Happy hauntings!

Lost El Paso Paranormal

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