Athens is home to many ghost stories and spooky attractions, but just about an hour drive northwest is one of the scariest buildings in Southeast Ohio: the Fairfield County Infirmary.

The Fairfield County Infirmary had patients for over 170 years — and some of those patients still linger. 

From a ghost named Willy, who haunts the second and third floors, and a little girl named Susie, who is lonely and looking for a playmate in the terrifying morgue, the Fairfield County Infirmary has plenty of spooky attractions to explore. It was this that inspired the staff to begin hosting ghost hunts in the old brick building. 

Adam Kimmell, owner of the infirmary, took over in February 2020 after filming a ghost hunting video there for his YouTube series in 2018 and garnering interest for the location. Kimmell and his team have one other location in Madison — Madison Seminary — but were immediately interested in Fairfield Infirmary.

“I dropped out of college and started to begin pursuing filmmaking and documenting the paranormal,” Kimmell said. “I started back in 2010 doing that, and now 10 years later, I fell in love with all of this.”

Ady Gaddis, manager of the building, said the buildings were acquired not as a total renovation, but as more of a time capsule of what the building once was. There are some small renovations but mostly just purchasing furniture that go with the infirmary’s look.

After Gaddis and Kimmel acquired the building and renovated it, they partnered with third party company Ghost Hunts USA to hold paranormal investigations for groups of people at the infirmary. This was their second partnership with Ghost Hunts USA after conducting some investigations at the Madison Seminary.

“You have so many different areas, and the history is there, too,” Pam Crisci, a paranormal investigator and psychic medium for Ghost Hunts USA, said about the infirmary. “So we show you how to use the different equipment, and we show you how to investigate so you’re not going in blind.” 

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