Lincolnshire is not really a county with a shortage of spooky tales and ghost sightings.

It is made up of huge expanses of rural areas, eerie roads, and abandoned buildings from years gone.

From the city, to Sleaford, to Gainsborough, these haunting stories are plentiful. We’ll leave it up to you how much you choose to believe.

Lincolnshire Live has compiled a list of some of the most haunted places in the county where these stories are prominently reported. How many have you visited?

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RAF Digby

RAF Digby in North Kesteven is said to be haunted by several different ghosts, which include a phantom officer pushing a bike, voices and footsteps in the barracks block where an airman in full Second World War flying suit has been seen.

Lights in the control tower have also been said to be on when there is no power.

RAF Metheringham

One airfield ghost which has gained notoriety is that of the Metheringham Lass, a beautiful young lady in her late teens who flags down motorists close to the former RAF Metheringham.

Metheringham Airfield

She has been seen many times, always after dark and between 9:30pm and 10pm, standing in the road which was once part of the old airfield.

She is thought to have been seen dressed in a pale green coat with a grey chiffon scarf. The ghost allegedly stops cyclists, motorists and pedestrians, asking for help for her motorcyclist boyfriend who has skidded and left his bike further down the road.

A15, Ruskington Horror

Perhaps the most famous ghost in North Kesteven is the ‘Ruskington Horror’, seen on the A15 near the Ruskington turn-off, which gained so much notoriety that it even appeared on This Morning on ITV in the late 1990s.

A statement on the North Kesteven District Council website about this siting reads: “Hundreds of people claim to have seen this phantom, making it one of the most infamous cases in the country.

“People have all reported scarily similar experiences of a hooded figure, with only the top half clearly visible, putting its hands out to motorists to make them slow down.

The abandoned house off the A15 near the turning towards Boothby Graffoe and Metheringham

“One theory suggests that it may have something to do with the Knight’s Templar at Temple Bruer, another that the A15 was a road used by covens of witches.”

It has led to this part of the A15 becoming an area of interest to paranormal explorers.

St. Mary’s Guildhall, Lincoln

This 12th Century building has had more than a few reports over the years.

Sounds of footsteps, things being moved about and loud bangs coming from the North Range have been heard more than once.

There has also been a couple of reports of apparitions being seen in the North Range.

The building was built for King Henry II’s crown wearing celebrations and is now the home of the Civic Trust.

St Mary’s Guildhall, Lincoln.

Gainsborough Old Hall

Built by Sir Thomas Burgh, this manor house dates back to 1460. Even though the house was sold to another family some of the original owners reportedly still reside.

Burgh locked his daughter in a bedroom after she threatened to elope with a lower class man.

It is thought that she died from a broken heart and is often seen around the tower room.

The grey lady is also said to haunt one of the corridors at the hall.

Gainsborough Old Hall
Gainsborough Old Hall

Revesby Abbey, near Boston

This Grade I listed abbey is isolated from other buildings and has been noted for its sinister atmosphere.

The abbey has a labyrinth of endless corridors. Ghostly footsteps have previously been heard in the servants quarters, doors have reportedly been slammed on their own and shadows have been seen to move throughout the rooms.

The current building is the third to be called Revesby Abbey.

Revesby Abbey

Lincoln Castle

The city’s castle is a true hotspot for tales of the paranormal.

A figure of a lady has been seen walking down the stairs inside the old Victorian women’s prison and some say she is carrying her baby.

Inside the prison chapel unexplained lights have been seen, the doors of the booths will open and close on their own.

Inside the male prison, doors have slammed shut, sounds of keys jangling, footsteps and moans or screams are said to have been heard.

Various shapes have been seen on the Observatory tower stairs. growls and sounds of crying have been heard from the old graveyard where the prisoners were buried.

Enter, if you dare...
Enter, if you dare…

Chapman’s Pond, Cleethorpes

There have been many reportsthat a young girl has been seen splashing in the water and crying out for passers by to help her.

But as people rush over to help her out of the water she mysteriously disappears.

Many people believe she is a ghost of a girl who had drowned in the pool.

The ghost of a girl who is said to have drowned can be seen at Chapman's Pond, Cleethorpes
The ghost of a girl who is said to have drowned can be seen at Chapman’s Pond, Cleethorpes

The Garden House Hotel, Stamford

A dark shadow like figure has been seen looking out of the window of room number 18.

Staff have also reported strange goings on the top floor of the hotel such as objects being moved of their own accord and curtains blowing to and fro when there is no wind or drafts.

Room number 18 is also said to be haunted by a ghost of a old man who when alive must have had with his trouble breathing as heavy laboured breathing is also heard in this room.

RAF Hemswell

This former RAF station is reportedly full of haunted activity.

A pilot who crash landed is said to run down the runway with his uniform on fire.

An engineer who lost his arm in machinery staggers around screaming.

There are also reports of a ghost dog being seen that suddenly vanishes.

A man in uniform walking along beside the road also suddenly vanishes.

Sounds of bombers on the runway late at night and the usual sounds of doors slamming etc when no-one else is around and lights going on and off by themselves in the hangars.

Bradley Woods which is said to be haunted by the Black Lady
Bradley Woods which is said to be haunted by the Black Lady

Bradley Woods, Bradley

People who visit the woods in the north of the county may catch a glimpse of a ghost called the Black Lady.

Eyewitnesses say the spirit is very pretty and wears a hood covering her hair and a long flowing black cloak.

But people say her face is stained with tears.

Some believe she was a nun from a nearby monastery and others believe she was a single woman living in the woods.

There is also another myth that she was forced to bring up her baby alone after her husband had gone to war. It is believed the enemy marched through the wood and stole her child and rode away.

It is now said her ghost is searching endlessly for her husband and child in the woods.

RAF Binbrook
RAF Binbrook

RAF Binbrook

Another former RAF station, Binbrook was a bomber command station in the Second World War and was a base for the Royal Australian Air Force and the Lancaster Bombers.

Some of the spooky sightings reported at the base include an officer in full RAF uniform in one of the offices who disappears as soon as he is seen.

Another spirit known as Sergeant Sinclair is said to be seen walking around on the perimeter road and he has also been seen on the runway waving his arms in the air. He has also been seen trying to track down vehicles on the perimeter track.

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