Project 1794 is from the early 50’s, by the United States Air Force and AVRO Aircraft. It used to be secret, but in 2012 the information has been declassified. I was really hyped when I found these two reports online at the National Archives, placed a link on my IFO site so that others could find it, but it didn’t really get picked up. Kind of understand why: on the National Archives these pictures are not that easy to view, and they didn’t color correct the scans. The video I made here is in 4K, so you can read all the pages clearly. (more than 200 pages!)

So yes; a flying saucer! This was serious research, about how to build a real flying saucer, not a UFO of course, but disc shaped aircraft called: Silverbug, Y-2, and the prototype P.V. 704.

They were designed to be VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) fly supersonic and at extremely high altitudes. Up to Mach 3+ and a 100,000 feet.
These specifications are not of a jet fighter. When flying this high and fast, think instead of what has been build in the 60’s: the Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird”.

The 2 original reports can be found at “the National Archives”.

Project 1794
Final Development Summary Report

Program Planning Report
Project 1794 Extension Program

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