It’s the season for all things ghostly. So if you have a house that’s haunted, who do you call?

How about a person who claims they see dead people?

“It’s almost hip now to have a pet ghost these days,” says medium and psychic Denise Guzzardo. “People have fun until the ghost starts breaking things and making the dog bark at 4 a.m. That’s when they call me.”

Guzzardo knows this may sound bizarre to most, but since the age of 3 she says she’s been able to contact dead people. “I could hear them,” she explains. “My parents just chalked it up to being imaginary friends.” It wasn’t until her dad died suddenly in a car accident when she was 17 that things kicked into high gear. “I would come home at night and I’d see my Dad standing in the bathroom window,” she says. “He always wanted to make sure I got home safely.”