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RS source shared their local paranormal experience with us below:  

I was never a believer in the paranormal.  Until one night awhile back ago! 

My buddy and I were driving back from Candlewick to Rockford.   We were traveling Westbound on Harlem rd towards Rockford.  It was late at night, I would say approx. 3 am or so.   As we drove by the gates for the Willow Creek area of Rock Cut State Park. We saw something we will never forget. 

We saw a woman dressed all in White, that was tied to the gate.  It was very strange though.  She had a “glow” to her.  As we drove by, the woman raised her head and her eyes were pure Blackness.  And you could see she was tied to the gates.  Her arms stretched out, and each arm was tied to each side of the gate. 

My buddy saw it too.
And we both looked at each other and was like “Did you just see that”  

And we both agreed that is what we saw.  The same thing.
So we knew then it wasn’t our eyes playing tricks on us, but we both actually saw the same thing. 

We quickly turned back around to help the woman and we called police.   

We get to the gate, and the woman was gone!
It was only a few seconds, so she could not have gotten far. 

So we were searching the area and woods for her. Thinking this woman was in need of help. 

The Loves Park Police arrived on scene, and the officer was laughing.   

My buddy and I were trying to figure out why he was laughing. 

The officer told us to stop searching, because what we saw we were not going to find. 

We asked what he meant by that.  He told us every so often a woman ghost appears there. And every so often they get calls about her.  He told us the legend has it that a female was tied to the gates years ago and died. And that her ghost is allegedly haunting the gate and area.  And that they get calls late at night from people who see her. 

The officer explained that the Rock Cut State Park has had numerous deaths over the years.  
Murders, Suicides, Accidents…   And she was just one of many ghosts that allegedly haunt the park and that area. 

We were pretty shaken up and confident we saw a woman in need of help. But she quickly disappeared, I mean quickly! And the police told us it was just another ghost sighting.  I know what I saw, and my buddy saw it too. 

We thought it was a woman tied to the gates to the entrance to Willow Creek. 

Police told us it was just another ghost sighting and that is has been awhile since the last report, but they get the calls about her every so often.  

The officers did search the area with us just to make sure  no one was in the woods that needed help,   And to ease our minds knowing no one actually needed help. 

I will say that we both know what we saw. A woman in White that had each arm tied to each side of the Willow Creek entrance gate, to Rock Cut State Park. She had a eerie White glow to her and her eyes were pure Black.  

I also want to add, we thought it was strange.  The gate used to be closer to the Harlem rd.  When we saw her tied to that gate, the gate at that time was closer to Harlem rd.    Not long after our experience, they moved the gate back several feet away from the road. Unknown if it was related to these sightings, or another reason. 

We asked the officer if he knew the background to her story, as to what happened to her and how she died.  He said he did not because he was a newer officer. But he had already investigated several sightings just within the time span he was on the force. 

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