A GHOST-hunter believes spirits are alive in the Midland Hotel after making some interesting discoveries on a visit.

Kenny Charles has been investigating the paranormal since 2014, with locations ranging from pubs to houses and hotels. It was the latter which recently grabbed his attention in Bradford.

He said: “Usually hotels are like ‘no, it is not haunted’, but these guys were like ‘yes, when do you want to come?’. Sharon (the hotel manager) gave me the keys and she said ‘I can’t go down there (the ballroom)’.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Another picture he captured whilst at the hotelAnother picture he captured whilst at the hotel

“I was getting the spirits to do things. I have got a device called a Mel Metre and it has to be touched to be active and how hard it is touched shows a frequency with the lights and the amount of energy going into it. To see if the spirit could hear me I did a countdown from five and he touched it and the heat source went off.”

Actor Sir Henry Irving died at the Midland Hotel in 1905 and Kenny believes his spirit still remains in the city centre building.

He said: “A medium said you need to pretend that you are an audience clapping him and cheering him. I put a laser trip wire down on stage which has to be walked through to be activated.

“We all started clapping and cheering and it went off on point. This carried on for minutes, it shouldn’t have been doing that.

“I have been told it is female, but looking at the picture it looks like Henry.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

This was not the only thing Kenny discovered in the hotel. He has video footage of friend Guy Barker being ‘pulled back’ spontaneously, and a corridor light flashing wildly on command.

The Lincoln man had no interest in paranormal activity until he and his housemates were ‘attacked’ one day in 2011 after meddling with Wicca, Pagan Witchcraft. They were forced to visit a cathedral to get rid of some ‘pretty nasty things’.

He said: “I thought I was going really crazy. I was waking up in the middle of the night after the most horrific vivid dreams and there would be this shadow figure at the end of the bed. It was really bizarre.

“A knife got thrown at me from the counter and it landed between my feet. There were coins spinning on a table, bangs, knocks on the door with nobody there. I got a medium in, and he said you have got two very nasty entities in this house.

“The bishop got rid of two nasty things from me. After that my life totally changed.”

The experience made him delve deeper into the unknown and meet his girlfriend through the paranormal.

Little did he know at the time but she had relatives who were mediums. They taught him the ropes and now he can look after himself spiritually without any fear.

Kenny, who was born in Belfast, added: “It absolutely terrified me when it happened to me before but now I have no fear. I would happily walk into any location and investigate the activity.”

Kenny created a group called ‘H1DD3N 4CT1V1TY’ which operates all around the UK.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A previous discovery of Kenny's from a graveyardA previous discovery of Kenny’s from a graveyard

Unlike other groups, Kenny refuses to charge for his services. Once he has got wind of a potential haunted location, through a website called the Paranormal Database, Kenny and his team pay a visit.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Kenny has got a spirit portal in his shed. He uses sacred sage to show the spirits presentKenny has got a spirit portal in his shed. He uses sacred sage to show the spirits present

He recalls one story of how he freed a girl and her family.

“We went to a girl’s house a few weeks ago and her family were getting terrorised during the night.

“They had got a few mediums in before to try sort it but that had only made it worse. I went there and cleansed the house properly and they are now sleeping absolutely fine and have not had anything happen since.”

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