Folk monsters is a term I like to use when it comes to certain legends. They tend to be centered around one area and have an air to them that’s rural, country, unique. The folk monster, or should I say Fouke Monster featured in this episode of Mytheries is most assuredly that. The cousin of the Bigfoot Legend, The Fouke Monster has been the subject of films and sightings for over one hundred years. He’s stinky, he’s sneaky, and he’s the stuff of Drive-In Legend. Prepare to get swampy while we delve into that Legend of Boggy Creek, the Fouke Monster.

Mytheries showcases various myths and mysteries from around the world and shines the light on incidents that have rocked history and can still not be explained. Each episode will be about a creature/myth/or in some cases people that are connected to it. To this day the creepiest thing about vampires is the fact that basically every culture in the world has a vampire myth but they never communicated to each other…so how did they know about them too? This is the place where Myth and Mystery combine.

Written and Narrated by Jessica Dwyer.

Edited by Zakk Denton

Produced by Jason Hewlett

Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian

Episodes of Mytheries that delved into the legends of Atlantis, Lilith, and the Kraken can be seen below. To see more episodes, and to check out the other shows The Paranormal Network has to offer, head over to the YouTube channel – and subscribe while you’re there! We have shows that deal with UFOs, hauntings, Bigfoot, and more.

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