NEW BEDFORD — Ready to scare yourself silly?

Halloween season is in full swing, which means one thing: ghosts.

Or does it?

It also means legends. And haunts. And creepy tales. Like a hitchhiker who mysteriously appears in the backseat of your car. Or lights that flicker for no reason. Or even objects that fly across a room.

Of course, not all ghosts are angry, if these stories are to be believed. Some sound like they’re just out to cause some mischief.

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Our little corner of New England has its fair share of history, which sometimes lends itself to those ghosts, legends and haunts. And as Oct. 31 approaches, we can all suspend our disbelief a little bit.

We rounded up some of the more popular stories.Check ’em out … if you dare!


Some report hearing carousel music and the smell of popcorn. When it was in operation, park-goers reported seeing the ghost of a worker who died in 1987 after falling from the highest hill of the Comet roller coaster. Supposedly they’d see the ghost climbing the coaster, doing his normal rounds, only to see him disappear once he reached the highest peak.

Photo by Hank Pollard July 1973


Professional ghostbusters deployed with the paranormal investigation team in 2005 to debunk claims that the city Armory is haunted. The mission aired in November as Episode 107 of “Ghost Hunters,” a one-hour weekly TV series on the SCI-FI Channel. At the request of the National Guard, ghosthunters set up their command center in the empty Armory and began searching for reasonable explanations of the mysterious happenings there. They had been on the job for three hours when, nearing midnight, they entered the gymnasium of the castle-like fortress on Sycamore Street. The soundman was knocked to the ground, claiming he felt cold and something from the ground pulled him backward. He quit after filming that episode.

New Bedford Armory


Acushnet homeowner Kate Zahner told the Standard-Times in 2016 that she heard whispering on a baby monitor in her son’s room. She learned that her house had once been Kirby’s Funeral Home (since relocated to Tarkiln Hill Road in New Bedford. She’s also heard children’s voices and seen shadows, and psychics, mediums and paranormal investigators have visited and they’ve reported hearing and seeing spirits and ghosts, she said.


Guests have reported seeing a sea captain looking out to the sea in one of the bedrooms. As well, a ghost named Sarah reportedly wanders the halls looking for her father.


Mattapoisett Town Hall also has a prankster poltergeist named Abner, employees claim. Abner Harlow was a town clerk from 1912-1917 and 1924-1946. Harlow was known for being very disorganized, and he apparently likes to play practical jokes on the staff.