JEFFERSON — The elusive Bigfoot will once again make a trek to downtown Jefferson this weekend for the 20th annual Texas Bigfoot Conference, which is held each year in his honor.

The Bigfoot Capital of Texas will once again be filled with legend seekers from across the globe as Jefferson is once again the host site of the 20th anniversary year Texas Bigfoot Conference.

Just like the legendary creature himself, the conference will celebrate its 20th year with a big line up of guest speakers, vendors, special guests and attractions.

Conference Founder Craig Woolheater said the weekend long event is set for Oct. 15-17 at the Jefferson Tourism and Visitor Center, located at 305 E. Austin St. in downtown Jefferson.

Woolheater said Tuesday general admission tickets have just gone on sale and while only a limited number are available, any remaining tickets will be sold at the door Saturday on the day of the conference, which begins at 9 a.m. and wraps up at 5 p.m. at the center.

Guests to this year’s event can expect to hear from some of the best presenters from the field of cryptozoology, as well as have opportunities to study captured evidence and learn about new hunting tools and skills.

This year’s presenters include Lyle Blackburn, Shelly Covington-Montana, Jeff Meldrum, Steve Kulls, Charlie Raymond, Lija Fisher and many more.

Tickets are also available for a Friday night catered dinner by Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant and also for a Saturday night dinner catered by Riverport Barbecue.

Also at the Saturday night dinner will be a screening of Hallsville filmmaker David Ford’s most recent film, “Man vs. Bigfoot.”

Woolheater’s annual Bigfoot conference draws in hundreds of curious Bigfoot believers each year, but he also set up a college scholarship fund benefiting two Jefferson High School graduating seniors each year from proceeds of the conference. The scholarships are awarded each fall.

In 2018, the city of Jefferson received the official title of “Bigfoot Capital of Texas“ with a mayoral proclamation which still stands today.

“Numerous Marion County residents have reported multiple sightings of mysterious Bigfoot — like creatures in and around Jefferson for decades,” the proclamation read. The proclamation, initiated by Woolheater, also recognizes Jefferson as the “geographical epicenter” of Bigfoot sightings.

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