Natalie Jones of Ghost Girls watches her screen during a paranormal investigation at the Olde Park Hotel in 2019. The hotel hosts an annual haunted house on Halloween weekend. The event, dubbed HalloScream, continues to grow in popularity.

There are haunted locations throughout the world, but not all of them have a haunted house on Halloween. Ballinger’s Olde Park Hotel is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the US. The hotel has attracted paranormal investigators from Hollywood to the East Coast.

Hollywood actor Chad Lindberg of The Fast & the Furious, Supernatural, CSI, and other movies and television shows, has conducted two investigations at the hotel. He will be returning for another investigation in November. Popular ghost hunters, the Klinge Brothers, have filmed episodes of their show at the hotel. It’s also attracted Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzie Osbourne has conducted a paranormal investigation at the location. The spooky establishment has been featured on more than a few television shows.

Halloscream, October 29 & 30

This year the hotel will host their 6th annual Halloscream Haunted House, “This Halloscream is called ‘The Inferno.’ People will feel like they have entered an inferno. There are many new things to really make people jump and scream even louder than before,” says Dan Lafave, who owns the hotel along with his wife, Connie.

The last 5 years of the event have seen lines formed all the way down the block and around the corner as people yearn to get in for a night of fright, “The event has always been successful and seems to grow more every year,” Lafave commented.

Lafave was asked what it is about the place that brings people back to the building were every dimension is seemingly haunted, “We think it’s the sheer fun that people have enjoying Halloween inside Halloscream each October on Halloween weekend. We do our best to bring a new Halloween experience each year that people will really enjoy and remember. We were told by many of our Halloscream attendees last year that they weren’t sure if they could make it through. The attendees tell us that they can’t wait for it. It’s become a tradition for many.”

Halloscream will be the Friday and Saturday of Halloween weekend.

COVID couldn’t stop the thrills of Halloscream

The event even survived COVID-19 in 2020, “Funny thing is, last October, we thought we would have a bad Halloscream with Covid measures, but it turned out to be our busiest and most successful Halloscream than ever. Our waiting line went around the corner last year, all night. We let people decide whether they wanted to wear a mask or not. We maintained the Covid recommended distancing. We follow state recommendations. We have a lot of exciting events coming up, including Chad Lindberg next month on November 13th and Mustafa Gatollari & Brandon Alvis from Ghost Hunters on December 4th. We also have a new soon-to-be announced television show featuring the Olde Park Hotel building coming out. It will feature someone well-known in paranormal television.”

Some might think that the specters, ghosts, and others ethereal manifestations of the dearly departed may become more active on the day that hearkens back to Celtic medieval days. Lafave says that it’s just another day at the hotel, “The spirits are always quite active here. This old building is definitely living up to its given distinction as to being in the top ten Texas most haunted locations – this is coming from the personal experiences by people visiting here.”