This triangular shaped object was seen and recorded in the night sky above Mount Sterling, KY on 7th October 2021

Witness report: This object/objects I filmed almost a week after a previous sighting of two lights in the sky. It had no sound, but in the film you will hear the sound of a jet that was flying behind me. For a moment I thought the sound was from the object (as you hear my say in the video) but then I realized the jet behind me and that I always hear the sound before seeing the plane. So, the object I was filming itself had no sound. I see jets and other airplanes flying overhead all the time (I have them on film as well for comparison), including directly overhead, and none look like this did. The lights never blinked, flashed or etc but did seem to change size. As you will see. That could have been a optical illusion though due to the object/objects flying closer than farther away. It was hard to tell if they were three separate objects flying together or 1 object with 3 lights. I tried lightening one of the still shots on my personal computer & sharpen its details, and a triangular body outline can sort of be seen. Of course, I’m no professional but it might be worth seeing if a professional could clear up the video at all.

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