The Boainai incident is one of the most mysterious and fascinating UFO events in history. The year was 1959 and it involved one Father Gill and more than three dozen students in a missionary school. For nearly three consecutive nights strange objects were observed in the sky, with one large hovering object about a hundred meters above the ground, the object being about forty feet across. It was a circular shaped object, metallic in appearance, wider at the bottom with several portholes, that incredibly kept returning back every night very near the school.

It stayed hovering mostly accompanied by two or more smaller objects higher up in the sky. Father Gill and his entourage (students) all watched it for hours. They saw figures emerge on top of the object getting engaged in some repair-type activity whose attention they tried to get by waving at them. To their surprise the figures that looked like “humans” to father Gill waved back at them several times. The astonished priest and his students also shook a flashlight at the object and the occupants, by which time the figures had left the deck, and the object started to make a rocking motion from side to side as if to match the swinging motion of the flashlight, and appeared to come closer and closer to the crowd below.

It never landed though but had four landing gears that were visible to the entire group of people observing from below. It was clearly not a dirigible from all accounts, and appeared in such a remote area of the world, with landing gears, hovering characteristic for hours, and very fast departure speed from a relatively stationary state.

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