Video shows multiple objects at night just moving in the sky as what some people would call balloons moving. then once he stabilizes the video, you can see 2 objects start to accelerate and pass all the other objects and turn and angel their line of path showing its not just a balloon. if it were wind in the sky, it would move the objects at once direction but these are all over the place. think of it as a cigarette smoke, when i smoke outside on windy days, the smoke either goes left or right, it never goes both ways at the same time. At 1:30 you will see the creator put an arrow on the part i am talking about, and you will see the objects moving.

Witness report: This was a really interesting capture I caught at almost 9pm on July 29, 2020 over Los Angeles. I was getting ready to come in to bed and took one last look up…and all these objects just appeared in the sky. Sorry for the repetitive dialog by me. Love to hear what you all think of this one.

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