When it comes to dining experiences, they say ambiance counts just as much as what’s on the plates. And for those who crave a side of spine-chill or dash of eeriness with their entrees, several Valley restaurants serve up spooky vibes in healthy portions.

From silverware flying off tables to beer bottles that tumble off bars without being touched, brewing equipment that mysteriously moves from one room to another and after-hours paranormal activity that scares off cleaning crews, these haunted dining venues are more than a little spirited.  

Here are the stories behind the most haunted restaurants in metro Phoenix.

Casey Moore’s Oyster House 

Casey Moore's in Tempe is said to be haunted.

This popular neighborhood bar and seafood spot a few blocks from Tempe’s Mill Avenue and Arizona State University is famous for decades of paranormal sounds and sightings.

The most common sighting is of a man and woman in vintage clothing who are seen dancing on the second floor after closing time, usually in the wee hours of the morning before sunrise. Neighbors have even called the police, but officers arrived to find an empty space and undisturbed alarm system.

The couple are said to be the ghosts of William and Mary Moeur, the original owners of the historic home and part of the influential Moeur family responsible for much of the early development of Tempe.

Behind this second floor window in the Moeur House, now Casey Moore's, was a horrific killing in 1966. Employees and guests of the restaurant have given frequent reports of chilling, haunted experiences in the former bedroom, now a dining room.

Others report a vision of a woman wandering around during business hours.

According to legend, the apparition was a resident during the days when the building was used as a boardinghouse (and possibly a brothel). She was strangled by a bitter ex-boyfriend and now is said to make her presence known by sending pictures flying off walls and launching silverware off tables in the second floor dining space. Opening staff members have also been welcomed by tables and chairs that have been mysteriously rearranged overnight.

Details: 850 S. Ash Ave., Tempe. 480-968-9935, caseymooresoysterhouse.godaddysites.com.