This UFO video was filmed back in August 5th 2019 but it was just today submitted to MUFON’s website. It happened over Cincinnati, OH.

Witness report: We were driving to the grocery store when turning into the lot I thought I saw a black plane or helicopter. I wasn’t sure what since I was driving but when we turned my 15 yr old daughter and I both saw the 4 white lights hovering in the mostly cloudless evening sky. There were some high thin clouds but no inclement weather. There were 4 white circular orbs just hovering silently. We parked and she immediately got out of the car and began recording from her I Phone. During that time the orbs continued to hover and occasionally blink out and back. Eventually a 5th orb appeared out if nowhere. We quit recording because they just took off to the northeast and we couldn’t keep up. They were gone.

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