The Lynn News had the chance to speak to a man with one of the most interesting job titles out there, a professional ghost hunter who has spent decades delving into the paranormal.

Dr Paul Lee, of Fairstead, who ironically was born on Halloween, has always had a fascination for the paranormal.

He devoured books about ghosts and hauntings from a young age and has even written a book of his own The Ghosts of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk which can be found on Amazon.

Dr Paul Lee is the author of The Ghosts of King's Lynn and West Norfolk as is keen to hear more unknown stories in the region. (52689396)

Dr Lee has been to homes and buildings described as haunted, but has only seen a presence once in his life.

He also claims “ghosts are dwindling” in recent years, with less reports of supernatural disturbances and sightings.

Lynn is known as a haunted area and True’s Yard museum has held an after-dark ghost hunt in recent weeks.

There have been alleged hauntings in the QEH hospital around 1991 after reports came out of a child crying on one of the wards, but Dr Lee said the “child has never been found”.

Dr Lee said: “People often say why settle for a normal explanation when a paranormal one will suffice? I approach the subject of ghosts and poltergeists scientifically, taking into account that many commercial ghost hunts rely on equipment that could be faulty.

“People speak about ‘orbs’ in photos, which is a common photography phenomena and can be put down to lighting or the mechanics of the camera.

“The best way of gathering evidence is via your own basic senses and with basic equipment, like cameras and audio recorders. But of course, senses can be fooled.

“There is a psychological aspect to ghost hunting, where if people expect to see a spirit then they will, you will probably see one when you are least expecting it.

“I’ve seen instances of people doing so much digital processing to extract tiny noises or voices from audio recordings. If it was that difficult to extract the sounds there was probably nothing there in the first place!

“And why would ghosts resort to such difficult methods of communications if they were desperate to communicate?”

Areas of the town centre that are possibly haunted (55097170)

Social media has seen several ghost hunting groups crop up over the years, with people filming in haunted locations as they live stream to an online audience.

Most Haunted was also a popular show with spook fanatics, with ghost hunter Facebook groups taking lead from the formatting of the series in their own ghostly pursuits.

Dr Lee said: “The issue is that a lot of these groups are seeking something paranormal like I’ve mentioned before and this is what we would call a confirmation bias.”

The paranormal researcher would “welcome” seeing a ghost and continues his research in the area.

Recently he was tasked with researching a new ghost report in The Walks from the 1920’s.

He said:”Its new to me, but it dates back to about 1920, when a figure was seen in the vicinity of the band stand. I must say though, in the last decade or so reports of ghosts sightings have been dwindling, whether there are less ghosts I don’t know but there were far more instances to look into twenty years ago.”

Popular breakfast TV show This Morning has been following several women who claim to be “in relationships with ghosts” including the famous case of Amethyst Realm.

Amethyst Realm hit the headlines when she revealed she’s slept with 15 ghosts since breaking up with her fiancé 12 years ago and was then engaged to one.

Dr Lee says there is actually a term for this, “spectrophilia” and said: “People describe a combining of energies and that sort of thing, but there might be something else going on in these cases.”

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