Over the vast expanse of my life, I’ve only ever had one irrational fear: Bigfoot, or like, the Yeti, or Orang Pendek, or Sweetums from the Muppets. It was a fear nursed over many years by a gorilla suit my family had and many hours I spent watching late-night Nat Geo specials on cryptozoology.

This weekend, I became very close to confronting my childhood fear when some local joint decided it was a good idea to have a real-life Yeti participate in a bar crawl. He spent most of his time dancing in 21+ establishments, which happens to be the legal and scientific reason children aren’t allowed in bars.

Also, I know I promised to share how my Halloween went, but you know, readers, sometimes adults lie. Or plead the fifth. I took media law; I think I’m allowed to do both.

— Danny


  • Heels United for a Safe Carolina teamed up with APPLES Service-Learning to make sure people didn’t (do what I did and) stupidly wander off on their own on Halloween.
  • Ten first-years got the chance to go to Puerto Rico with UNC Global as part of an initiative for underrepresented students to experience going abroad.
  • In what was the seniors’ last time on the field for a regular season contest, UNC field hockey nearly swept Old Dominion 5-1.
  • It’s that time again! Thanksgiving, Christmas, promises of UNC finally closing Odum Village because it’s old and decrepit. This is my favorite time of year.


With 40,000 attendees, there were no arrests and only a handful of EMS calls on Franklin this year. Which is a vast improvement from past years. An official said Chapel Hill police’s message throughout the event was to drink responsibly/not drink if you’re under 21, and that’s what the night seemed to look like. I recall seeing a very underage clownfish puking off a deck Saturday night, but OK.


More than 200 middle schoolers came to campus on Friday to have exposure to Carolina. Nearly 20 schools were in attendance. To pass the time, kids extracted DNA out of strawberries and discussed the academic components of rap, activities I very well could have also partook in at my last party Saturday.


The phrase “the Yeti said” is a real attribution we wrote in today’s paper. He’s technically the mascot of Great Divide Brewing Company, and he technically participated in a bar crawl and dance-off on Friday. Note this as the precise moment I became certain I don’t understand public relations as a profession and also decided to move out of Carrboro next year.


Local writers got together at Root Cellar Cafe to kick off National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to write a 50,000-word novel in 31 days. The event started by having every participant kill off their “inner editor” to make writing easier. Something about returning to childhood and having no filter — which, if that sounds familiar, is how I write this newsletter every day.


Vomiting Nemos and disgruntled carrots aside, check out a roundup of what famous people pretended to be for Halloween. OK, so it basically turned into an appreciation post for Neil Patrick Harris’ family and threw shade at Kim Kardashian, but that’s arguably what’s happened to the internet at large over the past five years.

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