Scott Bray, deputy director of Navy intelligence plays a video of a UFO

On Tuesday, the Congress from the US had its first open meeting regarding UFOs after about 50 years, but those who were looking for answers to the frequent sightings from the military of strange objects were disappointed because the defense officials opted to reserve their most juicy material for closed-door sessions.

The leak of 2 new recordings depicting unusual aircraft phenomena was the highlight of the 90-minute briefing in Washington, though one of those recordings was quickly discredited by, the deputy director of navy intelligence, Scott Bray.

The meeting (the previous similar meeting was held back in 1966) comes on the heels of a banner time for UFO believers. The US intelligence issued a seminal study in 2021, that discovered 144 instances of unusual airborne phenomena, just one of those can be clarified.

The story came after US naval pilots openly discussed the encounters, they had with UAPs when one lieutenant, who was now retired, was claiming to have seen unidentified objects every single day for a couple of years above the east coast’s sky.

Bray attempted to explain the government’s probe of UAPs on that Tuesday, following criticism that the Pentagon isn’t treating the matter with enough seriousness, but he also provided the members of an intelligence subcommittee videos of aerial objects.

On one of those videos, shot during the day, there was an object flying by a military plane. The object’s brief presence — it flashed on the screen for a split of a second – confirmed the difficulties in obtaining information on some UAPs, according to Bray.

Another video shot at night from a military jet in 2019, shows triangular forms hovering in the sky. Bray then showed another video displaying the same phenomenon, but with a more conventional explanation that those objects were actually drones, with a triangular shape and otherworldly in motion due to a flaw in the way video was acquired using equipment for night-vision.

The refutation did nothing to dispel claims – including one imposed by committee head Andre Carson – that the Pentagon is uninterested in examining the unexplainable.

Carson, a Democrat from Indiana said that one of Congress’s worries is that the administration, the executive branch, and the two parties have swept fears about UAPs under the brush by concentrating on occurrences that can be clarified and disregarding those that cannot.

He asked Congress what will they say to reassure the US people that they are not just focused on matters that are not complicated and have simple explanations. Although the Pentagon has created a UAP unit – the bureaucratically named Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group – explore in this sector is yet far from a high priority.

Bray said that the intelligence community simply had to be less open with information at times, and added that they don’t want probable enemies to know precisely what they are able to observe or comprehend or how we get to that conclusion.

The response displayed an arrogance that has irritated for long time those wanting greater transparency – and has sparked a slew of conspiracy theories concerning what the administration may be covering.

Once asked if the Pentagon had any underwater sensors to spot on submerged UAPs – whatever that is in the seas or the oceans, Bray and Ronald Moultrie, the military undersecretary for intelligence and security, showed that resistance to sharing mentioned above.

Moultrie believes it would be better handled in a secret session.

UAP videos shown during 2022 UFO hearing

Although new info remained annoyingly rare, Bray disclosed that the intelligence community has noticed an increase in the number of unregistered and/or unidentifiable aircraft or objects, which he attributes to the de-stigmatization of military encounter reporting and the usage of new systems for detection.

The assessment from 2021 recognized observations of UAPs that seemed to remain motionless in winds above, move counter to the wind, do sudden maneuvers, or travel at high speed, without obvious methods of propulsion, and Bray ruled out a foreign enemy with such technology on that same Tuesday.

Several politicians have publicly voiced displeasure with the novel UAP office’s progress – which has yet to name a director just under a month after its formation — with Kirsten Gillibrand’s assistance. The US senator in NY, told Politico back in May that senator Gillibrand trusts that the department of defense must take this subject a lot more seriousness and get it moving.

The discontent contrasts sharply with the euphoria that greeted the government’s report in 2021. At the period, amateur UAP associations thought that the Pentagon may be more willing to provide its own information and more eager to evaluate amateur investigators’ films and photographs.

However, Moultrie had made it obvious that this would not be the case after he stated that certain people are putting out material that may be regarded as rather egotistic.

As the session came to a conclusion, Carson told his Republican and Democratic colleagues that the issue of UAPs and UFOs is an occasion when they can display some level of cooperation.

For the audience, it was evident that the meeting had created more queries and fury rather than answers. Humans are still far from discovering whether extraterrestrial life exists.

“The hearing was essentially a pleasant chat about how awesome AIMSOG will be one day,” tweeted Alejandro Rojas, a researcher at Enigma Labs, an analytics and community platform for UFOs, and a board member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies. The public got some answers, but Rojas is not as confident in AIMSOG now as he was before that meeting happened.

UFO hearing – May 17, 2022

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