A pub boss has claimed to have captured footage of the ‘ghost of a thirsty punter’ sliding a pint glass across their ‘haunted’ bar.

Workers at the Pine Tavern Restaurant in Bend, Oregon, US, were minding their own business and cleaning up, when suddenly one of the staff members was overcome by a ‘chill’ and a feeling he wasn’t alone.

In eerie CCTV footage, you can see the bartender clearing the counter when suddenly a half-full pint glass appears to move a few inches.

He can then be seen to turn his back, and it seems to quickly slide even further.

The pub manager, who didn’t want to be named, says he used to mock claims that the restaurant was haunted, but is now convinced it could be.

He said the video looks ‘so unnatural’ so it has made him believe there is the presence of ‘an old regular wanting a beer.’

The glass appears to move in the clip (

Kennedy News/Pine Tavern Restuarant)

The manager said it was ‘unnatural’ (

Kennedy News/Pine Tavern Restuarant)

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The creepy clip has gone viral online, being viewed almost 200,000 times – but there are some people who are sceptical about the video.

People are accusing the venue of faking the haunting in a bid to drum up business from lovers of the supernatural.

The pub manager said: “When I first saw it, I thought it’s just so unnatural. The glass moves so quickly.

“There was no earthquake or someone moving a giant truck down the street. It was late at night. There might have been condensation on the bar but nothing that would make it fly like that.

“When the barman told me he felt as if something was in the bar, but it was only me and I was upstairs. When we checked the footage he immediately realised that’s what felt.

“I believe in the paranormal more than I did before. I used to mock people when they said ‘maybe it’s the ghost of the Pine Tavern’, but maybe it is!

“It’s a super old restaurant and I’m starting to believe that there is a presence. Maybe it was one of the original owners or a really drunk, old regular who wants a beer.

“We’ve had ghost hunters calling to hunt down the ghost. Two paranormal teams are wanting to investigate.

“It’s been a real mixed reaction. People think we’re trying to trick people and other people believe it. People can decide what they want.”

Do you think it could be a ghost? (

Kennedy News/Pine Tavern Restuarant)

The Pine Tavern claims to be the oldest restaurant in Bend, and it was established to feed nearby loggers in 1936.

It is thought the ghosts of previous owners haunt the building and both staff and customers have felt the presence of something supernatural while inside.

The footage on Facebook is the first time they’ve managed to capture ‘evidence’ of the paranormal activity.

The Pine Tavern’s post said: “If this doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies I don’t know what will!

“Tonight after closing our bartender said he felt a chill when he was cleaning up and swears something was in the bar with him.

“We had to check the footage. Pine Tavern has a long history of ghostlore but this is the first paranormal thing we’ve ever caught on camera.”

Many viewers were impressed by the footage and some suggested it could be the ghost caught on camera.

One commented: “OMG that’s so awesome I love it!!!”

Another added: “That ghost wanted a drinkety-drink lol.”

One pub worker said: “I just want to say for all of the people who are sceptical because all of the glasses on one spot on the bar, this is very normal.

“I work in a bar as a server and we always drop our empty bar glasses on one rectangle mat at the bar for them to put in the dishwasher. This is trippy.”

However not all viewers were convinced.

One user said: “Great gimmick for attention, Pine Tavern!” They followed the post with a crying with laughter emoji.

One former employee commented: “I worked there. Heard ghost stories. If you actually pay attention to the video, it looks as if the bartender has a remote, randomly the glasses are the only ones at the bar in the only marked rectangle.”

That seems like wild lengths to go to just for some footage…

The Pine Tavern replied: “I assure you we don’t have glasses with a remote control.”

Another said: “Since it slid at six seconds then again at 12 seconds, yes condensation would be the reason. If not then, oh, well that’s cool I guess.”

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