ANYONE interested in watching, and perhaps even participating, in a paranormal investigation will have the chance to do so later this month.

Rob Pyke and his wife Ann-Marie of Leeds based Veritas Paranormal will host a two-hour session in the Staney Hill Hall, in Lerwick, on 20 August, starting at 7pm.

Tickets are priced at £5 with all proceeds going to social enterprise Cope.

Pyke heads up Veritas Paranormal, a not-for-profit organisation that host ghost hunts around the country to raise funds for local and national charities.

Speaking about what people can expect should they wish to attend, Pyke said: “I’ll be delivering a talk, focussed on my 40 years experience in the paranormal.

“This will involve the guests being able to see and get hands on with the equipment we use on a paranormal investigation (ghost hunt). I’ll also be sharing photographic, and video captures which we’ve had over more recent years.

“Additionally, one of many types of communication we use on our investigations is ‘crystal divination’, and I’ll be inviting a select few guests to take part in this during the course of the evening.”

He added that there are millions of people across the country interested in the paranormal, “anyone who watches Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted or any other TV paranormal show will love the talk”.

The couple is in Shetland on holiday this month, and whilst preparing for the trip north they came up with the idea of hosting a talk.

“I gauged interest on a couple of local groups and was quite simply blown away by the enthusiasm and support! So, I’ve booked Staney Hill Hall and made the decision to raise funds for COPE; a Shetland based charity,” he said.

Tickets can be booked using this link.

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