This huge UFO was seen and recorded in the sky above Peoria, Arizona on 16th June 2022.

Witness report: I noticed it whenever I was getting into my car and I went back in and got my phone and I video taped it and it was approximately 3 mi away I’d say 3,000 ft high and it was just a right above a treetop from neighbor down the street I could see it very well and I videotaped it twice it’s been there twice and I’ve also seen one that was outside of spring valley California on it was November 2004 was 5 round orbs silver and I’ve seen a few others also and I am very critical of what I’m seeing so I make sure that I know what I’m saying and that’s why I videotape what I can but five orbs they weren’t there for long I was getting gas looked up saw them and I went to grab my camera which I keep in my car and by the time I turn back around I was trying to send her in and try to get a video or a photo and they just zip straight up and disappeared faster than anything I’ve ever seen

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