This strange UFO event happened over Carlsbad in New Mexico on 29th August 2022.

Witness report: In the dessert (SW) out by Carlsbad, NM at 10:21 PM on 8/29/2022 a storm with abnormally thick clouds suddenly started to form with a lot of cool wind and very bright flashes of lightning that seemed to only light up the top half of the storm clouds with no visible bolts of lightning or sound/thunder. A large hovering and blinking light (about the size of an airplane light but seemed to “twinkle” yellow and white) appeared to the left of the storm clouds (video 1 shows this) with smaller and random half second lights blinking randomly around the sky moving from E-W. Suddenly the blinking light appeared to move much closer as it went from a tiny blinking light to 3 very large orange balls of light that were spinning (horizontally) from E-W ( Video 2 and 3) and gaining speed at an incredible rate, then they seemed to create an explosion of energy that created a tube like cloud structure (vertically) with “corkscrew” like appearance on the outside with an upside down triangular shape in the center. A very faint white ball of light seemed to shoot out of the cloud tunnel and go to the right (in less than half a second) where suddenly more large orange balls of light start to randomly appear one by one in a vertical stacking pattern 1, 2, 3, 4.
There was no sound created from any of this. This all happened in about 90 seconds. When the videos are slowed down you can see multiple tiny silver reflections ( they appear as a tiny twinkle in regular speed) from small flat top crafts that are zipping through the sky, there is another craft that appears for .5-1 ( second that looks to be almost egg/ball shaped but large light in the center top and it has a small ball it seems to be controlling hovering below it. There appears to be multiple different craft in the sky at one time and they all seem to be “working together”.
This was recorded from 2 different angles on the 8/29/22, and the orange balls of light that rotate and also seem to stack randomly have been seen in the same spot almost every night since. Locals in Hobbs,NM are reporting seeing this same activity for at least 2 months now.

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