Do you remember Buzzfeed Unsolved? While the YouTube series has been over for almost a year, the ghoul boys Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara aren’t done yet. Enter “Ghost Files,” a new, updated version of the show, and we here at The Post have everything you need to know about it. 

It won’t be airing on Buzzfeed

In January of 2020, Madej and Bergara launched Watcher Entertainment alongside fellow former Buzzfeed content creator Steven Lim. The company “is a digital media studio that creates television-caliber, unscripted series that aim to bring joy, inspire curiosity and genuinely connect with [their] audience,” according to their website.

In their video “Our New Company: Making Watcher,” they explain that after leaving Buzzfeed they felt that, “Joining forces felt like the natural and horrifying decision,” thus creating the company. Since then, the trio have created several fan-favorite series, such as “Puppet History,” in which historical events are explained via puppet show, “Dish Granted,” in which Lim is given 24 hours to make an expensive dish requested by a guest, and “Too Many Spirits,” where Lim teaches viewers how to make unique drinks whilst Madej and Bergara drink too many of them and read viewer-submitted ghost stories.

As a result, “Ghost Files” will serve as a continuation of “Buzzfeed Unsolved” outside of Buzzfeed, airing instead on Watcher.

It is expected to be similar to Buzzfeed Unsolved, but not the same

The new series is expected to be similar to Buzzfeed Unsolved, but not necessarily a direct copy. Obviously it will still include Madej and Bergara, along with their skeptic/believer dynamic leading to endless banter and jokes at each other’s expense. 

It will also still include the format of going into haunted locations to investigate ghosts, demons, and all things paranormal whilst ruthlessly taunting them, as seen in the trailer, where they discuss ghost farts and Madej threatens to fight a ghost. These lighthearted jokes and bits will also still be balanced against deep-dives into the often dark history of the haunted locations, most of the time believed to be the source of the alleged hauntings.

Furthermore, the series will also have an after-show, called “Debrief,” in which the pair break down some evidence from the episode as well as answering fan questions, similar to the “Post Mortem” series with Buzzfeed Unsolved.

However, the new series is incorporating new segments and aspects. One thing that has come out about the series is that they will be analyzing evidence and personal anecdotes of the paranormal that viewers submit, which is an interesting addition to the series format that will add some supplemental lore to the locations they investigate. 

The first episode is a return to Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Over five years after investigating Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a former hospital with a haunted past in Kentucky, the ghoul boys announced that the first episode would be their triumphant return. This was then followed by a clip from the episode, which is up on their channel right now as a sneak peek.

It is set to air on Friday, Sept. 23

Over nine months after the formal announcement was made, “Ghost Files” is officially set to air this Friday, Sept. 23.


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