On November 28, 1980, Alan Godfrey was in his patrol car in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, when he saw a bright light. He initially thought it was a bus, but he soon realized it wasn’t. He then saw a strange rotating object flying above the road.

Godfrey was driving along the road when he saw a burst of light. He then realized that he lost a significant amount of time while he was driving. Upon reaching the police station, he saw that one of his boots had split. He also felt an itch on his foot.

During a hypnosis session, Godfrey was taken from his car and placed in a strange craft. He claimed to have seen a man wearing a skull cap and robot-like creatures inside the alien ship. Many UFO enthusiasts have studied the tapes of Alan’s hypnosis session and concluded that his experience has had a negative impact on his life, and indeed, he had nothing to gain if he just made up his story.

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