Once again in the last weeks the triangle formation appeared. This time over St Helens, a town in Merseyside, England on 9th December 2022 at 6:06pm.

Witness report: We saw these 3 orange bright lights moving in the sky in formation as if they was one thing sort of moving in sync, we got out of the car and they’d completely disappeared, we went around the corner to get a better shot and all of a sudden they was gone. I don’t have any explanation for this, I don’t think they are Chinese lanterns because we would of seen them drifting off – they where also stationary and then they moved a little bit in a way I’ve never seen before. Also, they didn’t seem to be flickering or anything like that, more of a light bulb type of light. If you download the Flightradar24 app you can use the playback feature, the video was recorded at 6:06pm today. There is a plane that appears at 6:07pm but it’s in the opposite direction and it’s around 10 miles away. Apart from that I haven’t seen anything else. I didn’t see any of the usual green flashing lights or anything that you usually see on a passenger airline either so I don’t think this is a plane. this was an unidentified flying object that I seen in the sky. Okay it could’ve been lanterns (I don’t believe they are) but that’s besides the point, if all you guys are going to do is ridicule anyone who posts strange things in the sky (real or not) then we’re going to decrease our chances of getting real footage. Always better to be safe than sorry.

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