During a typhoon in 2008, Bob McGwier was aboard the USS Blue Ridge. There, he saw a massive glowing object that was flying over the ship. It protected the entire vessel from the rain.

During that time, a massive typhoon hit the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Blue Ridge in a sea new Thailand. One of the people aboard the ship claimed that they saw a mysterious flying object that prevented the rain from falling on the vessel.

According to McGwier, he worked on classified projects while aboard a nuclear submarine. He also claimed to have encountered a frightening encounter while aboard another Navy vessel.

He also claimed to have seen other strange objects during his time aboard the ship. For instance, during a recent interview with Chris Mehto, he talked about the time he saw a massive shape hovering over the ship. You can watch the full interview in the Youtube video bellow!

During the interview, he noted that the typhoon that hit the ship in 2008 had winds of up to 90 knots and seas of up to 40 feet. Although the storm was raining, no rain was falling on the vessel.

As he looked out the window, he saw a glow in the sky. He then saw that the object was either blocking the rain from falling on the ship or it was a massive flying object. According to Bob, the glowing object looked like it was on a flat surface. He continued to observe it and noted that the object started to grow brighter before it disappeared. He concluded that it was a massive flying object that took off.

Over the years, various Navy personnel have reported seeing strange flying objects. In 2016, investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell released a series of videos that captured the alleged sightings. He claimed that around a hundred UFOs were spotted flying over nine US Navy warships in a month.

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