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On the evening of March 13, 1997, a group of people in Phoenix, Arizona witnessed something truly extraordinary: an enormous aircraft, bigger than any built by humans, slowly hovering in the sky. Some witnesses described it as a giant V-shaped object, with five major lights set into it, blocking out the stars as it moved. Others saw a formation of aircraft that seemed to be attached to something invisible, or surrounded by a force field. The giant aircraft made no sound as it slowly rose into the clouds and disappeared from view.

Many people who saw the lights that night believed that they had witnessed a UFO, and hundreds of calls were made to local authorities reporting the incident. Some even suggested that the lights were the result of an alien visitation, and that the inhabitants of Phoenix had been chosen by extraterrestrial beings for some unknown purpose.

However, there could be a more plausible explanation for what happened that night. According to the military, there was a planned military operation taking place in the area, known as Operation Snowbird. Five A-10 aircrafta, belonging to the Air National Guard out of Davis-Monthan Air Base in Tucson, took off into the evening sky with their Identifier lights on. These lights are different from the flashing strobes used on civilian aircraft, and appear as a single steady red light. The A-10s flew over Phoenix before coming to rest at another airbase, where they remained for the rest of the night.

It is possible that the people who saw the lights that night were actually witnessing the A-10s flying in formation. The size and shape of the lights, as well as the fact that they were seen moving slowly and hovering in the sky, all fit the description of the A-10s and their Identifier lights. Furthermore, the military has confirmed that the A-10s were in the area at the time of the sightings, providing further evidence that the lights were not of extraterrestrial origin.

While the idea of a UFO visiting Phoenix may be exciting, it could be possible this was simply a military operation, and not a sign of alien life. Or they are just trying to do a cover-up as they tried with weather balloon in Roswell UFO incident?

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