Here are some UFO sightings that were recently reported to me through our Facebook page and report UFO sightings form on our website.

It appears that our readers have reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in various locations around the world. On December 15, 2022, in Lenexa, Kansas, a witness reported seeing something in the sky that may have been spotlights. In Cape Town, South Africa on September 12, 2022, a witness reported seeing a round object without lights that glided against the wind, stopped, and then displayed neon green and blue lights before continuing over Table Mountain. On November 27, 2022, a witness in Southern California reported seeing something interesting in the sky. On November 11, 2022, in Wakefield, UK, a witness reported seeing a stationary object in the clouds emitting blue light for almost 10 minutes. On November 5, 2022, a witness in Scottsdale, Arizona reported a UFO sighting at Horizon High School. Finally, on June 11, 2019, in China Grove, North Carolina, a witness reported seeing a light that moved in unexpected ways and at high speeds, and claimed to have video evidence of the sightings.

Location: Fair oaks, Ark
Date: 12/16/22
Witness report: Mt uncle robbie caught this in his back yard.

Location: Lenexa, Kansas
Date: 12-15-22
Witness report: 12-15-22 @8:37 pm, central standard time. In Lenexa Kansas. Many say it’s just spotlights. It could be.

Location: Cape town – above cbd
Date: 09/12/2022
Witness report: Round, no lights, glided against the wind, then stopped and then neon light green/blue lights under it…then continued over table mountain. Have video but poor quality

Location: Southern California
Date: 27/11/2022
Witness report: I saw something yesterday here in Southern California on Sunday that looks interesting.

Location: Wakefield, UK
Date: 11/11/202
Witness report: I have just forward what I filmed on my iPhone 12 on the 11/11/202 in Wakefield.. stationary something in clouds emitting blue light for almost 10 minutes.. a little breezy but light was perfectly stationary

Location: Scottsdale Arizona @Horizon HS
Date: 11/5/2022

Location: My home on Beaten Path Rd. in China Grove NC
Date: 06/11/2019
Witness report: I was outside smoking cos I don’t smoke inside and light movement caught my eye so I grabbed my phone and started filming. I have like 15 minutes of video but it would let me upload so that’s two cropped videos. The light blinks off and on and moves like NO flying object on Earth. The object moves at right angles and every direction at ridiculous speeds. I have more video of Im assuming the same object returning a little over a month later in July. It behaves like the first sighting but not 15 minutes of footage, only a little over 2 minutes of video on the second sighting. Plus I had my mom come outside and see it too and to witness me filming it to see that I wasn’t moving my hands except to recenter the object in frame. I narrate in video when im moving my hands to re-enter. I don’t make crap up and I have the video to prove it. I would know how to fudge a video if my life depended on it. Anyways I have better things to do than to try and make a fake video. It’s 100% real and frickin amazing to witness…twice!! I couldn’t believe it myself.

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