1. What is the legend of the Mogollon Monster?  

The Mogollon Monster, aka “Arizona Bigfoot,” is an alleged Arizona cryptid that’s been reported several times in and around the Mogollon Rim area. Like Bigfoot, it’s a large, ape-like being, standing around seven feet in height and surrounded by a very strong, unpleasant odor, like dead fish or perhaps a rotting skunk. It’s thought to mimic birds, coyotes, and other creatures it might hear, and at times, it can supposedly be aggressive. There are Native American legends about the Mogollon Monster of Arizona, too, and it certainly makes for a fascinating – if not frightening – story.  

2. Are there many alleged cryptids in Arizona?  

There are a handful of interesting, alleged cryptids in Arizona, including creatures like:  

  • Thunderbirds  
  • El Chupacabras 
  • Skinwalkers 
  • The Mogollon Monster 


3. Where are some famously haunted places in Arizona? 

Arizona was once upon a time the quintessential wild, wild west, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of spooky places that are said to be haunted around the state. Some of the infamous hauntings in Arizona include:  

Address: Mogollon Rim, Arizona 85541, USA

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