On November 1, 2022, a UFO sighting was reported in Pasto, Colombia. According to the witness, who was observing nature in the backyard of their home, they noticed an object suspended about 30 meters away. The object had a strange shape and was rotating in a peculiar way.

The witness decided to go upstairs to get a better view of the object, and observed that it turned red, with a bright, ignited-like color. They attempted to record the object, but were unable to focus due to their nerves. In a second video, they were able to capture the object as it traveled slowly across the sky.

The witness then went outside to continue observing the object, which headed towards some buildings about 200 meters away. Suddenly, the object moved back a bit before gaining speed and heading towards the Galeras volcano. The witness attempted to record this moment, but was unable to locate the object due to the maximum zoom on their cell phone camera and their excitement.

Overall, the witness described the experience as strange and said that they have many doubts about what they saw. They are hesitant to share their videos, fearing that people will not take the sighting seriously. It is not clear what the object could have been, and without additional information, it is difficult to determine the exact nature of the object.

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