A “chilling” ghost haunts the small Somerset village of Peasedown St John, according to spooked locals. Villagers say they have spotted the same tall and thin man wearing a long coat time after time, and they report he appears and then disappears around the area of the A367 Peasedown St John Bypass.

A large group of residents say they have all seen the ghostly man wandering forlornly on the road which connects Bath and Shepton Mallet. The reported sightings always take place in the darkness and fog of the early morning, and local people say they have been spotting the haunting man for years and years.

According to posts from “shocked” residents on social media, the ghoulish man has been spotted at various points on the road around the village. Villagers say the “eerie” route now gives them goosebumps at night.

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Local group Somerset Paranormal believes the spectre sightings may be the ghost of Reverend John Skinner, a famous preacher, antiquarian and archaeologist who lived in the area in the 1800s, traveling and preaching between Camerton, Carlingcott and Peasedown St John, before he shot himself in the woods near Camerton in October 1839. Some locals have also pointed out that the area is thought to have once been an Anglo-Saxon burial ground, and they think this may have something to do with the reported sightings.

Writing recently on Facebook, TJ Reynolds said: “I spotted him twice, once at 1am stood facing away at the crossing after the Mercedes roundabout. The second was 3am near Wellow Lane walking down the road towards the farm, again facing away, both times I turned around to look and he had gone – spooky!”

Tommy Ferguson also revealed that he has seen the man in the graveyard at Camerton and “walking up the hill toward the main road”. Caroline Matthew says she saw him and “nearly ran him over” before turning to look around and finding “he wasn’t anywhere to be seen – strange”.

Katie Louise Thayer added: “I have seen him with my own eyes walking up the white lines in the centre of the road. It’s weird as when travelling along in the same place I will sometimes get goosebumps all up my arms.”

Back in 2020, alarmed Facebook user Vidster Eh took to social media after spotting the man. He wrote: “I was driving back from my late shift and saw the very tall ghostly man with long coat walking along the road leading to Wellow. In 23 years in Peasedown this is my third sighting of this person – always around the bypass area. Chilling.”

Hannah Graveson added: “I’ve seen him on two occasions in the same place!” While Amy Jane also said she had to swerve when she saw a “pale man in a long coat” before he vanished in her rear mirror.

Laura Alexander said: “I think I saw the same man about 20 years ago just going down Dunkerton Hill, he had a long coat with his collar up and was walking on my side of the road – I braked so hard my handbag fell off the seat! I put on my full beams and he had gone into the hedge. It wasn’t until I was nearly home that I realised it must have been a ghost!”

Rachael Bradley added: “We had had a lot of snow and took the children out on a sledge by the little park over Orchard Way. We took some photos and looked back at them when we got home and in the background stood watching from a lamp post at the top of lane was a very tall, thin man with top hat on.

“We definitely didn’t see him when we were out but it was very creepy seeing him appear in the the background. I’m giving myself goosebumps now just thinking about it – this must have been a good 10 years ago.”


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