Paranormal investigators from across Ireland have revealed their greatest moments

These investigators have now revealed their most unshakeable moments of paranormal ‘proof’ with

Armed with high-tech equipment believed to put people in touch with spirits through radio frequencies, Ann Massey and the Irish Paranormal Investigators have travelled the country for their research.

She believes the most haunted places in Ireland are Spike Island in Cork, the woods surrounding Dublin’s Hellfire Club and Offaly’s Leap Castle.

“Things happen that we can’t explain away,” she says, preparing to describe a moment she will never forget.

“One of the darkest moments that I always go back to is when a few of us were standing in the ‘Bloody Chapel’ of Leap Castle.

“There was a very dark energy as we were investigating and then suddenly you could see like a rush of air towards three of us. It literally smashed us against the wall to the point like, you know, it knocked the breath out of us.

“It took me about an hour to shake it off. It was like this chilling, nasty feeling through your body.

“It was the first time I ever got scared. I usually get excited, like apprehensive. But I never get scared like that.”

Ann also recalls a moment of being trapped inside a house with fellow investigator Dominic – a sceptic.

The pair were stuck in a house for 20 minutes before they were able to leave, despite knowing exactly the way they came in.

Strange howling, the unexplained turning on of lights, disembodied voices and more are regular occurrences when the team investigates, Ann reveals.

“I know it sounds crazy or like something out of a movie,” paranormal investigator Jenny Sullivan Sunyasi begins.

“I have stopped trying to convince people who don’t believe in the paranormal because honestly, the stuff that we have hear is just absolutely phenomenal.”

Her team – Emerald Isle Paranormal – regularly investigate the Drogheda Museum, the spot she dubs the most haunted in the country.

Jenny reveals the team have picked up “mind blowing” audio of unknown voices asking “can you hear me?” along with other whisperings of disembodied voices.

There have been times where she has seen thick mists or been hit with a strong scent of sulphur.

“It was one of my first investigations deep in the tunnels at Shane’s Castle in Antrim,” she explains. “I had never smelled anything like it – then or since.

“The team were saying it was a sign not to go any further, that we had to leave and I know it sounds crazy, but I saw something run towards me.

“Like a shape in slow motion. I lost my hearing for about twenty seconds and it really shook me.

“It took my a while to investigate again after that. It was like a warning not to get that cocky again, that we had come to close to something. Like where one world meets another.

“You never know what you’re dealing with. And things like that, they can be malevolent.”

Rosemary Fahy of Púca Paranormal also mentioned Offaly’s Leap Castle as one of the most active sites in the country – places she investigates with Airune Hannon and John Ambrose Martin.

“We were calling out and got an amazing response through EVP – electronic voice phenomenon,” she began.

“It was a woman’s voice calling out in pain.”

She describes the moment as “unexplainable” and something the team is working on to recreate and solve.

“Another time in the Irish Military Museum in Louth, John was speaking German and got responses in German on the voice box.

“On that same night we heard a dog’s name on the voice box – a name which happened to be the name of the owners dog.”

Anthony Kerrigan, the Killarney-based founder of Ghost Éire, takes a a approach to his investigating – spending months at a time researching a single location.

“What we look for is undefinable,” he says. “There are so many things and sounds in the environment that can interfere.

“Anywhere can be haunted or spooky.”

He is preparing for his conference taking place in February on the ‘Day of the Unexplained,’ one covering the paranormal and UFOs in Wexford.

There, paranormal investigators and those interested in the occult from across the country will descend on New Ross.

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