A POPULAR YouTube ‘ghost hunter’ has said that ‘ghostly figures’ he caught on film could be explained by the history of the Cornish cavern they were captured in. 

Tony Ferguson, an explorer of the paranormal who runs the ‘Tony Ferguson – Ghost Whisperer’ YouTube, has told The Packet he believes the ‘ghostly figures’ he’s captured on film could be linked to the history of the location they were captured in.

In a trip to Carnglaze Cavern, Tony told The Packet that he’d seen several reports of other people’s experiences online, and knew there had been a lot of deaths there, but that the area’s penchant for the paranormal had never really been documented.

Describing his experiences a the cavern, Tony said: “This mist came out of nowhere and just comes towards us, we could see it with our eyes.

“That was at the start of the investigation, we didn’t even realise we’d picked it up on camera

“After that we had a child’s voice saying ‘hello,’ and the camera picked up on that as well.

A YouTube video of Tony’s trip to Carnglaze Caverns can be watched below:

“Bearing in mind it used to be a mine for children, there’s no reason for us to be hearing children in there, whatsoever, as we had the location to ourselves.

“Also we heard a ‘Get out’ by a male voice in there, and we were in an area where the public can’t get to.

“So there were several strange anomalies we caught in there.

“There’s been a lot of death there, the fact it was a mine with kids, and the conditions they used to work in, which is why it wasn’t really a surprise that we heard a child in there.”

According to Tony, he was only in the cavern for an hour and a half but caught ‘so much.’

Carnglaze Caverns and its three man-made caverns were created as part of a slate quarry in Loveny Valley, near  Liskeard. 

Tony says he is currently planning to do an overnight investigation at Carnglaze Cavern with psychic medium Paul Cissell, and Ghost 2 Ghost Paranormal Investigations later this year.

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