On the night of February 1st 2023, residents of Mesa, Arizona were stunned by a mysterious UFO sighting. According to a witness report, the person saw several orange balls in the sky, which were too big to be stars or planes. The balls remained stationary for several minutes before disappearing.

The sighting has sparked speculation about a possible connection to the rumored underground base in Mesa. There have been rumors for years about a secret underground facility located beneath the city, with some suggesting that it may be a joint human-alien base.

The term Dulce Base refers to a widely held conspiracy theory suggesting that a secret underground facility is being operated by humans and aliens. The idea of this concept emerged during the 1970s after Paul Bennewitz, an Albuquerque businessman, claimed that he had intercepted alien communications. Over time, various claims about the facility and UFO sightings began to emerge within the UFO community.

According to Michael Barkun, a political scientist, the base story became popular in 1986 after the Cold War’s underground missile facilities were discovered in the area. Despite the lack of concrete evidence supporting the base’s existence, the legend has persisted to captivate UFO fans. According to some residents of the town of Dulce, they have seen strange objects in the area, and the town has even organized a Dulce Base UFO Conference to promote tourism.

Find out more at the video bellow called UFO Hunters: Alien Experiments at Secret Underground Base

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