The United States military has long been in pursuit of creating super soldiers, employing various methods like performance-enhancing drugs, brain implant technology, and even genetic engineering. However, in 1983, Lieutenant Colonel Wayne McDonnell submitted a groundbreaking report to US Army Intelligence that delved into the world of out-of-body experiences and intelligence gathering. This report, titled “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process,” explored the idea of the Gateway Process, a classified system that enables anyone to travel through space and time using their consciousness.

The Gateway Process

According to Colonel McDonnell’s report, the Gateway Process is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve an out-of-body experience for intelligence gathering purposes. Advanced Gateway participants can not only project their consciousness to a different place but also completely remove it from this reality. This allows them to travel anywhere in the universe and at any point in time.

The idea behind the Gateway Process is based on the concept that our universe is a construct created by our minds. By using the Gateway Process, one can exit this construct and see reality for what it truly is. The 30-page Gateway report was classified, primarily because anyone can learn to do it, and its implications have intrigued researchers and conspiracy theorists alike.

The Absolute and the Universal Hologram

In his report, Colonel McDonnell introduces the concept of the Absolute, an omnipotent and omniscient energy field that exists without boundaries, occupying every dimension, including the time-space dimension where our physical existence takes place. The Absolute, which some might consider synonymous with the concept of God, is responsible for creating the universe and the world we perceive as reality. Our reality, in turn, is a layer on top of other dimensions, all residing within the Absolute.

The idea of the Universal Hologram suggests that the Absolute projects a hologram of itself to attain self-consciousness. This hologram serves as the basis of all creation and reality, and understanding it could help individuals comprehend the nature of the universe and themselves. McDonnell’s report also highlights similarities between the concept of the Absolute and various religious beliefs, citing examples from Hebrew mystical philosophy, Christian theology, and Eastern religions.

The CIA’s Involvement and the Missing Page Controversy

The CIA’s involvement in the Gateway Process has sparked curiosity and debate, especially surrounding the controversy of a missing page from the Gateway report. Despite numerous attempts by the public to pressure the CIA into releasing the missing page, the CIA maintained that they never had it. However, in 2021, the Monroe Institute released the complete report, including the missing page, which discusses the value of the Gateway Process as a tool for self-discovery and understanding the nature of the universe.

The Potential Risks and Benefits

While some individuals who have practiced the Gateway Process report increased self-awareness, creativity, and clarity in their daily lives, others have experienced negative outcomes such as anxiety, depression, and, in rare cases, psychosis. Although Colonel McDonnell recommended the military pursue the Gateway Process, the potential risks and benefits of the technique remain debated.

The Gateway Process is a fascinating concept that merges science, consciousness, and the potential for time and space travel. While the CIA’s involvement and the classified nature of the Gateway report have fueled conspiracy theories and speculation, the idea of transcending our perceived reality and exploring the true nature of the universe remains a captivating subject for researchers and enthusiasts alike.

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