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Meat Loaf death: Final TV appearance will see singer ghost hunting –

Meat Loaf will be seen chasing ghosts in final TV appearance (Picture: AP) Meat Loaf’s final TV appearance will be a particularly chilling swan song...

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Some Virtual Reality paranormal games to terrify yourself

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Hidden footage ‘captures ghost of George Best’ which ex-wife says she is haunted by...

As one of the best footballers who ever lived George Best famously ghosted past defenders as if they weren’t there. Now his ex-wife Alex has...

‘UFO’ Docu-Series Exposes The Cover-Ups And Alien Encounters

In 2017, a bombshell New York Times article revealed that the US government had been secretly tracking UFOs for years. And now, the explosive...

TV shows highlights NE Nebraska hotel’s ghost stories – Titusville Herald

CROFTON, Neb. (AP) — Tales of ghosts and other spooky happenings go hand in hand with old buildings that have seen their share of...

Astronauts Capture OUT OF THIS WORLD Object – Space Junk or UFO?”

Two astronauts capture a strange object orbiting the International Space Shuttle, in this clip from Season 2, “Malaysian Toilet Monster & The Buzzer.” Your opinion? Not...

5 Bizarre Accounts From History of UFO Sightings (74 BC – 1896)

BC The Mithridatic Wars 1561 Nuremberg 1639 Massachusetts 1803 Edo Japan 1896 Oakland, California Your opinion? Not Alien (4) Read More On This At Latest UFO sightings